Corden Fidler, the 4-year-old boy critically injured in a shooting last Thursday morning in Temple, remains in the ICU at McLane Children's Hospital, and his family says he's fighting hard.

Our news partner, KWTX, reports that the boy's stepmother, Alexandra Fidler, has been issuing updates on his treatment since he was admitted to the hospital with several gunshot wounds, including one to the head. She says he's undergone surgical repairs to his bowels, bladder, and ureter, and that he is scheduled to have part of his skull replaced and mends made to fractures.

“His swelling has gone way down and they actually had to change his meds because he was moving around too much,” she wrote on Facebook. “He’s starting to look like himself again.”

Corden remains asleep and his body is very swollen, but doctors did have good news - it does not appear that he's suffered any ruptured arteries in his brain.

A GoFundMe campaign to help the boy's family with medical and other expenses has nearly reached its $25,000 goal. Click here if you would like to visit the page and make a donation.

Fidler lost his mother, Shelly Splittgerber, and grandmother, Sherry Gray, in the shooting at a home on West Virginia Avenue near Lamar Middle School on Thursday, December 20.

Shelly, 36, was found lying next to Corden on the lawn of Sherry's home when police responded to a shots fired disturbance call that morning. She was already dead when officers arrived. The gunman, Shelly's estranged husband, Matthew Splittsgerber, holed up inside the home with Sherry while police tried unsuccessfully to contact and negotiate with him. He then fatally shot Sherry before turning the gun on himself.

Shelly was a teacher at Miller Heights Elementary, and had been granted a temporary protective order against Matthew the morning before the shooting, citing family violence. Matthew reportedly sent threatening and harassing texts to Shelly and her ex-husband beginning in early December, and Shelly feared her son might be in immediate danger. A court hearing had been scheduled for January 2nd.

Police say Matthew Splittsgerber parked his car up the street from Sherry Grey's house the morning of the shooting and ambushed the mother and son shortly before 6 AM. The shooting prompted a lockdown of Lamar Middle School, which is located directly across the street from the home, and Jefferson Elementary School a few blocks away. It does not appear that students or the campus were ever in any direct danger.

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