UPDATE: Officials at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi report that no shot were fired and no injuries have been reported. In an alert, they said there was no indication that Wednesday morning's incident was connected to last Friday's shooting at a naval station in Pensacola, Florida.

Details about what caused the lockdown have not yet been released.


The nation is awaiting details after a naval base on the Gulf Coast was briefly placed on lockdown Wednesday morning.

Officials at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi lifted the lockdown shortly before 8 AM and announced that a suspect was in custody. However, they did not say what the person was suspect of having done.

KIII -TV reports that one building on base, Building 8, remained on alert, and people there were being advised to stay sheltered in place late Wednesday morning.

Ana Tamez with KRIS-TV reports that the suspect was armed. So far, there's been no official confirmation of shots fired or injuries, but we are awaiting more information. According to Tamez, the lockdown caused traffic congestion, and local police were called in to assist.

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