Sometimes the negative headlines can far outweigh the positive, so it's always nice come across a story demonstrating the good that's still thriving across our country.

Amanda Reallan of Hayden Lake, Idaho snapped a picture of three Hayden Meadows Elementary School 5th grade students taking down their school's flag. One of the boys, Jack LeBreck, was worried about the flag touching the ground, so he got down on the pavement to shield the flag with his body.

"Wow! I just watched the most amazing act of Patriotism!", Reallan wrote on Facebook. "Was waiting to pick up my children from school when three boys took down the flag. They were having a hard time making sure it didn’t touch the ground when the third boy laid under it to honor not letting it touch the ground!"

As of Sunday afternoon, the post had received over 18,000 shares.

“We’ve had a bunch of close calls,” LeBreck told KREM-TV. “But I thought it would happen because it was kind of a windy day. So I just thought of laying down and seeing what would happen.”

According to the KREM report, the three boys in the photo have been involved in Cub Scouts, and they credit their school's custodian, Mac McCarty. McCarty is a veteran who selects the children who will raise and lower the flag each day.

“What they did yesterday was obviously all them, laying on the ground and all that,” McCarty told KREM. “And I’m very proud.”

We couldn't agree more, Mr McCarty.

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