When Bryan Thornhill of Roanoke, Virginia learned his son was kicked off the school bus for three days after bullying other students, he decided a unique punishment was in order. Now, video of the punishment has gone viral, and opinions are divided.

Thornhill decided that his son should run a mile to school to learn his lesson. Video posted to Facebook shows the boy running in the rain while Thornhill explains why he chose the punishment and why he believes this method of discipline is not only just, but could be beneficial to other children and society as a whole.

"This right here is just old school, simple parenting," Thornhill says. "This ain't killin' nobody. This is a healthy way for a child to be punished."

"Sometimes it sucks for them, but that's what teaches them."

Thornhill says this non-violent approach to punishment has improved his son's behavior, and that his son has expressed gratitude for it. He believes discipline of this nature could cure many of society's ills, including increasingly frequent mass shootings.

The majority of people commenting on the video seem to agree.

WARNING: Some of the comments posted below contain NSFW language. 

However, some have criticized Thornhill's methods, saying the punishment is cruel or that filming it was inappropriate.

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