Place Your Bets

Draft Kings, Fan duel, Bet MGM -those are just a few of the current sports betting platforms that have been making a killing the past several years. Many states have leaned in favor of sports betting and have seen the benefits of doing so.

Stay in state

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, has recently been vocal on several radio stations about his feelings on the gambling matter. He, like many others in support of the move, has expressed the importance of keeping the potential revenue in state rather than missing out on the opportunity.

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Reaching for Regulation

Jones has stated his interest in bringing legal sports gambling to the state of Texas. His daughter, Charlotte Jones, is the current executive Cowboy’s VP and chief brand officer for the team. In a recent statement released by the Sports Betting Alliance, Charlotte said, “Legalized sports betting would regulate the industry and generate hundreds of millions of dollars of new revenue for the state which will help fund critical programs without raising taxes."

What’s the SBA?

The Sports Betting Alliance is in place all over the country. Its primary function is to essentially aid and support the movement toward legal and well-regulated sports betting for the betterment of the state and the team involved with it.

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Not Alone

Jones isn’t the only one trying to get this extra flow of revenue into the state. Other teams such as the Mavs, Astros, Texans, Spurs, Rangers, Stars, and others are all a part of the SBA with a common cause - to bring legal sports gambling to the state of Texas and bring in the millions of dollars that come along with it.

When is it happening?

It's still slow moving from a legal standpoint, with a lot of differing opinions among the state’s representatives. For now, it looks like it may still be a while 'til we can legally throw money away during our favorite sports events, but the writing is certainly on the wall..

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