A Texas police officer is being praised as a hero after bringing a 3-year-old child back from the brink of death, and it was all captured on his cruiser's dashboard camera.

On Wednesday, October 12, Granbury Police Officer Chase Miller was scanning emergency channels while on patrol and heard a call about an unresponsive child outside of a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Miller sped to the scene and found the boy's mother holding her child and crying.

Miller didn't hesitate. He placed the child on the ground and put his CPR training to swift work. At one point, Miller showed the child's father how to keep chest compression going while he went back to his cruiser to get a breathing mask.

After two tense minutes, Miller was able to get the child breathing again.

3-year-old Brayden Geis had suffered a febrile seizure due to a cold. Miller's lightning-fast response saved the boy's life, and he was taken to a hospital for further treatment.

Brayden's parents - Bethany Hoover, 21, and John Geis, 21 - told ABC News the boy made a quick recovery, and was acting as if nothing had happened the following day.

On Tuesday, October 18, Officer Miller was awarded the Life Saving Award by the Granbury City Council. Miller presented young Brayden with several gifts, including an action figure of a police dog named Chase from "Paw Patrol".