A woman in custody of Tarrant County gave birth in her cell without officers noticing.

According to a report by Click2Houston, an inmate gave birth on May 17 alone in her cell without officers noticing until after her delivery.

The woman has been incarcerated since January, and has had 5 visits to the OBGYN since February. Authorities say that the plan was to induce labor at 39 weeks, but as most of us are aware, babies tend to make their own plans.

Officers were also made aware that the woman may be "unable to express her symptoms and may not recognize if she were to go into labor.” Upon intake in January the woman was said to be “intellectually delayed.”

After investigating the circumstances regarding this abnormal birth, the Tarrant County Sheriff's office has determined that there was no wrongdoing on behalf of the officers.

“It was determined that all observation checks had been conducted every 30 minutes or less preceding the discovery of the birth,” said Lt. Jennifer Gabbert, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office.

What are your thoughts? Should officers have noticed that this inmate was going into labor sooner?

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