In the two years I've interacted with the fine folks from the Texas Department of Public Safety, I've been impressed with their focus on keeping the people in the know. This attitude appears to extend to daily interaction with the general population, if the opening of a new drivers' license office is any indicator.

The dedication of the new office in Killeen was held Thursday. It's now open to the public at 5100 W. Elms Road in Killeen, right up the street from Shoemaker High School.

The former Killeen office on Priest Drive and the office in Copperas Cove have been shuttered. DPS says those who worked at these other offices were transferred and now work at the new facility.

According to a news release from our friend Sgt. Roberts, "The new approximately 10,000-square foot facility features 12 workstations and queuing technology that allows customers to get in line online before they arrive at the office." This is an innovative solution for sure. If we can't avoid lines and waits, now we can be doing other things and being productive until it comes time to take care of driver's license business.

Notice how he referred to those who use the facility as customers. That is the right focus! Making it the mission of the new office to serve the people. If the employees have the same priorities in mind, this new office will be a real help to the community.

By the way, if you want to see this new virtual-wait technology, go to the "Get In Line Online" page of the Killeen DPS website.

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