The daughter of 'Dazed and Confused' and 'Boyhood' director Richard Linklater has been sentenced to probation in Waco after being charged with possession of cocaine following a crash on I-35.

KWTX reports that Lorelei Grace Linklater, 24, was sentenced to three years deferred adjudication probation by 19th District Court Judge Ralph Strother this week.

Linklater was arrested shortly after 4 PM on May 21, 2016 after her Honda vehicle collided with a Toyota near I-35 mile marker 349 in Ross.

According to KWTX, the trooper who made the arrest said Linklater had a "blank look on her face" and couldn't remember which lane she was travelling. She also claimed to be on medication for depression.

A search of Linklater's vehicle revealed several loose pills and a small plastic bag of cocaine in her purse.

According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, the trooper conducted field sobriety tests, then arrested her for driving while intoxicated. The paper reports that prosecutors did not pursue the DWI charge as part of her plea agreement, which will allow Linklater to keep a guilty verdict and conviction off her record if she successfully completes her three-year probation.

"She is a very nice young lady who made a very simple mistake and accepted responsibility for it, and the judge imposed a very appropriate punishment," Linklater's attorney, Rob Swanton, told the Waco Trib.

Linklater's father, a Houston native, has shot several films in Texas, including "Dazed and Confused', 'Slacker', 'Bernie', and 'A Scanner Darkly'.

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