With all of the backlash against the NFL right now, one satellite television provider is offering a refund for some of their subscribers.

According to Joe Flint and the Wall Street Journal, DirecTv is offering refunds for their NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers due to the amount of people frowning about the National Anthem protests.

In case you have been under a rock, or not tuned into your local news, President Donald Trump made a statement that NFL owners should release players who kneel or sit during the National Anthem. Speaking to a crowd in Huntsville, Alabama last Friday, Trump said, "Wouldn't you like to see one of the NFL owners tell that son of a b***h they are fired when they disrespect our flag?"

This weekend of NFL games, many players took action against Donald Trump's words. Even the Dallas Cowboys made a gesture of solidarity, which came as a surprise to some. However, they took a unique approach.

During their Monday night game against the Cardinals, the Cowboys kneeled before the National Anthem was played. When the National Anthem actually played, they locked arms on the sideline as a show of respect. (You can see video of the Cowboys' gesture below.)

So, if you are offended by the actions of the NFL teams, DirecTV  is giving you an option to get a refund for your NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. If you are a DirecTV customer, contact your provider for further details.


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