Yesterday while driving into work, I saw several Killeen Police vehicles posted up on The Central Texas Expressway pulling over just about anything moving. It was later reported by The Killeen Daily Herald that Killeen Police issued over 100 traffic citations in just 6 hours! The tickets were ranging from speeding to "non-speeding violations".

Which brings me to this gentleman in Frisco, Texas. Brett Sanders received a $212 speeding ticket and paid for it with over 22,000 pennies and dumped all the coins unto the clerk's counter and promptly walked out. He shows you how he did it in the video below.

Now if you watch the video carefully, you notice Brett actually spray-paints "Extortion Money" and "Policing For Profit" on the buckets he's going to use to dump his pennies off with and that is the question I have for you..

Do you believe police performing these kind of "special enforcement details" are for the safety of the public or do you think its a "money grab" that departments use to finance their services? Vote in our poll!



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