One of the things I love the most about the internet, is that you can start out looking for one thing and sometimes stumble on something unrelated that will lead you down a rabbit hole. While researching for a different article, I came across a story about a local airport I had never heard before.

It's a tale of airplanes and mistresses that winds up leaving Tradewind Airport supposedly haunted.

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Rendezvous On A Private Air Strip

All I have to go off of are the legends and the lore surrounding this tale that feels like something out of Tales From The Crypt. It would have fit nicely in the later seasons.

Supposedly, this all took place back when Tradewind Airport was a private airstrip, or just operating as a private hangar. It depends on who is telling the story. Either way, there was a pilot who decided to have a little rendezvous in his private plane.

Photo by Adrian Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Adrian Smith on Unsplash

According to the lore, this is where he decided to meet up with his mistress on one particularly fateful occasion.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Being Cheated On By Her Pilot Husband

Legend has it that on this fateful occasion, the pilot's wife, who was suspicious of her husband, decided to follow him and see where he had been going for nights on end. He had become distant, and was frequently coming home late.

Supposedly, the husband had been meeting his secret lover for some time in various locations across Amarillo.This time would be the last time he left his wife waiting alone at home.

Photo by David B. on Unsplash
Photo by David B. on Unsplash

She followed him right to the airstrip. There, she followed him into the private hangar. It was in the private hangar that she discovered her husband with his mistress.

In a moment of passion, she stabbed them both. Then, she turned the knife on herself.

The Ghost Of An Angry Wife Lingers At Tradewind Airport?

That's the rumor, at least. Supposedly, the ghost of the wife still inhabits a hangar at Tradewind Airport. Some stories say that her presence is known by the overwhelming scent of perfume, and that sometimes you can see lights that look like an airplane is gearing up in an abandoned hangar.

Others say that you can hear voices in a heated argument inside the hangar, though no one is around. Still, some say that she turns her rage on you if you should find yourself in her hangar alone.

Whether or not it's true, I can't say. Plus, I'm usually not one who buys into this kind of stuff. It makes for good campfire fodder, but as the great philosopher Ray Parker Jr. once said, "I ain't 'fraid of no ghost."

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