Many people are taking to their social media saying they're getting a bunch of missed calls from Sierra Leone. Did you get a couple of missed calls overnight and early Friday and Saturday morning? Don't call back!

According to KLTV, this is just another phone scam out of the West African Nation of Sierra Leone.

It has become a monthly thing where many of us have to hear about a brand new kind of scam. In this case, the victim sees that they have a few missed calls and dials the number back, resulting in severely high phone charges because of the international call.

The scammer designs the calls to ring once or twice, which they hope will make you want to call back right away.

The scammers are banking on you reacting that way. Don't give in.

Your best bet is instantly to block the number and, most importantly, do not answer your phone. Did you receive a call like this? What did you do?

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