Can you revoke someone's status as a Texan? If so, these four guys are strong candidates for the process.

Danielle Hart, writing for, reports that four guys from Texas were arrested in Campbell County, Wyoming after stealing some beer and fighting in the street.

The embarrassing saga began Saturday night when the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office got a call from a gas station where a clerk reported that someone in "a fancy white car" had shoplifted twenty-five bucks worth of beer. Deputies spotted a white Mercedes parked on Highway 59 later that night and saw a couple of guys fighting in a nearby ditch.

23-year-old Jesus Leal of Brownsville was behind the wheel of the Mercedes, so he was arrested for DUI after failing a field sobriety test.

Leal reportedly told deputies 21-year-old Reemy Ruiz of Mission had also been driving, so he got a DUI charge as well.

23-year-old Jonathan Banda of Brownsville received the honor of being charged with shoplifting for the beer run.

A fourth guy, identified as 28-year-old Herman Ochoa of Harlingen, wasn't charged with anything at first. Deputies gave him a ride to a Shell station even though he was wasted and couldn't even tell them where he was from.

Ochoa wouldn't be at that Shell station for long, though. He reportedly caused such a ruckus, drunkenly cussing out everyone in sight, that deputies were called back to the store to pick him up. He was charged with breach of peace and public intoxication.

Hey, Wyoming - you can keep 'em!

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