They say America Runs on Duncan, but I've never been there. I'll have my chance to try it soon, as the City of Killeen has issued a construction permit to Dunkin' Donuts.

The Killeen Daily Herald's Eric Von Franklin reports that the donut shop will be located at 2250 Clear Creek Road in Killeen, and will also include a Baskin Robins.

I've always been more of a Shipley man myself, but I'm willing to try something new. (Like last week's trip to Voodoo Donut.)

Taking a look at their online menu, I already see a few standouts I'd like to give the ol' college try. The site also recommends pairings, like which coffee drink would go best with which pastry or sandwich. Obviously, these guys take breakfast very seriously.

Are you a Dunkin' Donuts fan? Let me know what I ought to try in the comments section.

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