Everyone does it, especially when you're starving and in a hurry However, it can cause some serious issues on the road, so we know it's not the safest choice...but is it legal in Texas?

Texas Driving Laws

Texas passed a law in 2017 to make texting while driving illegal for all drivers, as well as talking on your phone in school zones. It's also against the law for drivers under the age of 18 to use a phone in any way, including Bluetooth, except in emergencies. In Austin, you can be ticketed for looking at or sending a text at any time while driving, unless you're at a full stop.

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According to defensivedriving.com, eating while driving is particularly dangerous because it's distracting. No matter how careful you might think you are, spills and dropped food can cause you to take your eyes away from traffic. It only takes one second of not paying attention to the road for accidents to happen.

Is it Legal to Drive While Eating in Texas?

While it’s not illegal to eat while you're driving in the state of Texas, it’s still risky. Weave around or make sharp, sudden moves while you're on the road (exactly what happens when you spill something on yourself), and you can get a ticket for 'Inattentive Driving', so it might be worth it to keep your goodies in the bag until you can stop.

In Texas, a first-time offense of distracted driving can cost you up to $99. The second time around, the fine rises up to $200, according to trustedchoice.com.

You're already spending a small fortune on food, so even though you can eat while driving, just wait until you pull over. Accidents and expensive tickets are worse than being hungry!

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Let's take a look at 10 of the weirdest ones in the Lone Star State.

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