Sometimes you see a story and wonder how someone seriously thought they were going to get away with something.

KTSM-TV and WSPA-TV report that Ramon Tejada of El Paso was recently arrested after police say he stole over $800,000 during his job as an armored transport driver.

Pretty much, Mr. Tejada was taking money over three months and altering the documents to account for this money.

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Tejada didn't try to play it cool, either. According to KFOX-TV, police say he bought five new cars and handed them out to the family. No suspicion at all there, Ramon!

If I was his family member and knew he hadn't won the lottery or receive an inheritance, I would question how he bought 5 new cars.

I am curious to know what kind of cars he bought with the money. Not luxurious, surely. I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it!

How did he think he wasn't going to get caught? It's something called a check and balance system. Pretty much, the company is supposed to receive X amount from another company. Even though you altered the documents, it's gonna raise questions.

I guess being around that much cash, you're eventually gonna think to yourself...maybe I could do it. This story is right up there with bank robbers that think they can get away with waking into a bank and demanding money.

This is not old western days, and with new technology, it's easy for law enforcement to catch you.

My advice to anyone that thinks you can get away with something like this - please don't do it!

Times could be hard, but not that hard. It's even harder to do right by your family when you're behind bars.

It always amazes me that these guys think they'll actually get away with it.

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