Talk of the upcoming election is everywhere, even on the playground at Southwest Elementary School in Belton. Trouble is, instead of playing games like most students do at recess, some students are bullying others over who they want to support for President.

A Belton mother who wishes to remain un-named says that days after the first presidential debate, her daughter was beat up on the playground at school for saying she supports Donald Trump. The actions on the playground have since been confirmed by Belton ISD and the news has saddened some families in the district. Belton ISD Mom Katie Crabtree told KWTX, "because of somebody's opinion, or because their father has a certain political affiliation, it's just absurd to me."

This is another example of how kids notice so much more than adults think they do, and they also tend to repeat many things they overhear adults saying. Belton ISD Curriculum Director Kim Christy-Anderson says that even thought the campaign is a issue for grown ups it certainly has an affect on kids.

Southwest Elementary Principle Stacy Cox said the students involved in the bullying have been disciplined by the school.

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