Killeen ISD officials say a 14-year-old was arrested Friday after telling another student he had a "hit list" and intended to harm other students.

The district released the following statement Friday afternoon:

Safety Alert: Killeen ISD Police arrested an Ellison High School student this afternoon for making a terroristic threat.

About 3 p.m., a 14-year-old freshman at Ellison student told other students that he had made a “hit list” and was going to come to the school Monday and inflict harm at the campus.

Killeen ISD police officers stationed on the campus full-time immediately arrested the student and charged him with making a terroristic threat. He has been removed from campus.

Superintendent John Craft said, “Student safety is our number one priority every day and we will always arrest anyone who makes such a threat.”

Killeen ISD has featured prominently in the news today after reports of a student being arrested for filming another student in the restroom and uploading the footage to social media and a student being hit by a car Friday afternoon.

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