Elmer Fudd will have to get even more creative if wants to catch Bugs Bunny, because he has lost his gun license.

Deadline's Bruce Haring reports that the new Looney Tunes cartoons on HBO Max will still feature Elmer Fudd going after his arch nemesis, Bugs Bunny, but without his gun. In fact, nobody in the Looney Tunes universe will carry a firearm.

You may not have noticed, but Elmer got his gun taken away some time ago. Yosemite Sam won't have his pistols.

So, what is allowed? Here's Elmer hunting Bugs with a scythe while Bugs repeatedly detonates dynamite in his face.

The change was made in response to gun violence here in the United States, and according to one of the producers, "cartoony violence like TNT and the Acme stuff" is still allowed. He also says, "We're going through this wave of anti-bullying, 'everyone needs to be friends,' 'everyone needs to get along.' "Looney Tunes is pretty much the antithesis of that.  It's two characters in conflict, sometimes getting pretty violent."

I'm not sure Elmer without a gun even matters. He's never been able to get that wascally wabbit anyway.

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