The lifestyles of NFL players is one that few get to experience. Big homes, big paychecks, and even big cars. Admit it, we're all jealous right?

But with social media and other media helping take a peek at these lifestyles, we can somewhat feel like we're living them right? I mean I've always wanted to drive a Ferrari.

And yes, some teams have more money than others in the NFL. It mainly comes down to how big their fanbase is. One of those big fanbases?

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None other than the Dallas Cowboys.

A franchise with boundless support

No matter what type of season the Cowboys are having, there's a loyal fanbase waiting for them. It's always amazing to see how packed that stadium is.

While the team hasn't reached the big game since 1995, that hasn't stopped team players from past and present being in media.

One of those former players? Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith. How did Smith appear in media?

A rather unexpected way.

Is this Emmitt Smith's car?

One TikTok user driving around spotted a car that seemingly showed what type of car Smith drives:

If this is truly Emmitt Smith's car, this doesn't seem like a car a hall of famer would drive. Could this just be a fan someone passed? It just doesn't seem like his car to me.

Of course, I could always be wrong. Do you think this is Emmitt Smith? Let us know by sending a message on our FREE station app!

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