Remember when you were young and sometimes went to the zoo? Didn't you wonder what the animals did when the zoo closed? I always did.

Do they just go to sleep? Do they stay up all night? Do they get to walk around the park like we do when nobody's there?

Ok so that last thought might be caused by movies I saw when I was younger, but let's move on.

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For those wishing to see animals and possibly even stay in the same are as them, Fredericksburg, Texas has Longneck Manor. This is something that many probably didn't think would exist, but this might be something everyone might need to check out.

Rick Barongi, who is the owner and director of the manor says on the website that:

"The goal is to provide a fun personal experience while helping to save animals in the wild. We do this by combining the best elements of a good zoo with that of a good conservation organization. So you get to meet some real live conservation ambassadors (both four and two legged species) as well as contribute to a non-profit (tax deductible) conservation fund that works directly with proven conservation heroes."

Remember how I mentioned you could stay with animals? Well the manor even has a suite that guests can stay in! That sounds pretty neat, and it could show me what the animals actually do at night.

So without further ado, let's take a look at everything!

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This looks way too fun. I need to go study up on these animals now.

If Giraffes aren't your thing, how about a treehouse?

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Want to stay in a seashell?

Ever wanted to live in a seashell? Now you can! Mermaids aren't included, sorry for the inconvenience.

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