A former Belton High School teacher has been charged with possession of child pornography after an investigation revealed disturbing video he'd allegedly captured on a hidden camera.

KWTX reports that 45-year-old James Edward Allemen came under suspicious on September 28 after a student reported that Alleman accidentally projected a pornographic video while trying to set up a classroom presentation. Allemen was suspended that day, and his work electronics were given to detectives, along with an external hard drive and SD card in his desk.

Alleman official resigned on October 1, and on November 6, police obtained a warrant to search the storage devices found in his desk. The materials reportedly contained four videos of a young girl changing clothes in the bathroom of a home from which Allemen and his wife had just moved. Allermen's wife identified the girl to police, who interviewed the child at the Child Advocacy Center. The girl confirmed the identification, and said she had no idea she'd been filmed.

Allerman was arrested on November 18, and bonded out of the Bell County Jail on November 30.

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