Well there's an old saying that says "pride cometh before a fall." Well, in this case Pride "cameth" before a fire. Quite literally.

A video went viral on TikTok and Twitter and you can watch it in its entirety below.

This previous Memorial Day weekend, a family was out on Moses Lake in Washington. They were flying some Pride flags from their boat and one of the family members, Robbie, identifies as queer and trans.

Those flags weren't well received by some folks in another boat on the lake.

Photo cred: screenshots from uhohbigboi's TikTok
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As you'll see in the video, the objectors decided to circle the family's boat who were flying the flags while hurtling insults, slurs, and "gestures." The person taking the video then zoomed in on one woman in the back who was smiling while flipping them the bird.

Photo cred: screenshots from uhohbigboi's TikTok

Once the harassers saw that they were being videoed, they attempt to move away. That didn't end well.

And then in what was referred to as "instant karma" by online magazine Metroweekly, the insulting party's boat began to smoke. The three people then jumped out of the boat and were paddling in the water toward the very boaters whom they'd previously been insulting as their boat erupted into dramatically intense flames.

Photo cred: screenshots from uhohbigboi's TikTok
Photo cred: screenshots from uhohbigboi's TikTok

Robbie and his family pulled them out of the water and into their boat. Robbie said there were no thank you's given. One man proceeded to vape, another just sat silently on the end of the boat, and the woman who had been flipping the bird moments earlier "screamed hysterically 75% of the time," Robbie told the Washington Post.

Photo cred: screenshots from uhohbigboi's TikTok

A police boat is then shown seeking to extinguish the flames and the end of the video shows the burned husk of what was once the harassers' boat. The police have not confirmed what started the fire, though Robbie has some of his own theories.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt...except for maybe their pride. (pun only semi-intended.)

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