UPDATE: We now have more information about a multi-vehicle fire that erupted in the parking lot of a Temple BINGO hall Wednesday afternoon.

Temple Fire Department spokesman Thomas Pechal tells us the fire started in the engine compartment of one of the vehicles. The cause has not been determined, but investigators do not believe it was intentionally set.

That vehicle and one parked next to it received extensive fire damage. A third nearby vehicle received minor damage. No dollar loss estimate was available.

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene at 3:04 PM and arrived at 3:12 PM. The last fire unite left at 4:31 PM.


Fire crews were working to clear the scene of a fire that destroyed two vehicles outside Aces High Bingo in Temple Wednesday afternoon.

Shortly after 3 PM, two of our employees driving by the scene of the fire sent pictures back to the studio and said they'd seen a truck in flames and heard popping sounds.

By the time I arrived, the flames had been extinguished and two cars had received extensive fire damage. The smell of smoke and chemicals was strong, and wind was blowing small particles of debris around the parking lot.

At least two other vehicles parked near the two that were destroyed were damaged as well, but their owners were able to move them before I arrived.

A witness told me a woman entered the bingo hall Wednesday afternoon and disrupted a game in progress to ask for help. As people went outside, they saw the two vehicles in flames. The witness said the woman's car overheated and caught fire, and that the flames spread from her vehicle to one parked nearby.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

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