A group of youngsters with disabilities got to pilot an airplane in Killeen over the weekend thanks to Paul Hansen and the Flying Vikings located in Belton.

Many of the children who soar with the Flying Vikings are wheel-chair bound and the experience of flying an airplane is one of freedom and accomplishment. Paul Hansen, founder of the Flying Vikings, puts the kids in the pilot's chair and shows them the ropes.

About 30 kids took off from Skylark Airfield in Killeen this weekend with members of the Flying Vikings. Once Paul and his pilots get the plane in the air, the kids get take over the controls. Local Pilots made the touching gesture of donating their time and aircraft for the kids experience, which would have cost about $6000 dollars otherwise.

Local restaurants donated food for the families, and Home Depot donated arts and crafts for the kids to enjoy while they waited for their turn to fly.

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