Former Justice of the Peace Eric Williams now faces capital murder charges in the case of two slain prosecutors in Kaufman County. Kim Williams, who was arrested earlier this week, has implicated her husband in the killings that had law enforcement officials across Texas on edge.

Eric Williams after his arrest. | CBS News

Authorities say Williams gunned down Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse on January 31 of this year as he was walking to work. His wife was driving the vehicle spotted at the scene of that crime and was a passenger when her husband allegedly shot and killed District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia in their home over Easter weekend.

Investigators say the killings were motivated by McLelland and Hasse’s successful prosecution of Williams on charges of stealing computer equipment from a public building.

Eric Williams captured on security footage last year allegedly stealing computer equipment. | CBS News

Ballistics experts are testing weapons found in a storage locker linked to Eric Williams. A white Ford Crown Victoria matching the description of one seen in the McLelland’s neighborhood the night of their murder was also found at that storage facility.