A former Killeen Police Department sergeant has been charged with lying to detectives about a sexual assault case against another KPD officer.

Macaire Morrissey turned himself in to police in Travis County Wednesday, June 22 after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He’s been charged with False Report to a Peace Officer.

Morrissey allegedly lied to detectives investigating sexual assault allegations made against former Killeen officer Christopher Rennick Morris in December of 2015.

When investigators determined he had lied, he was placed on administrative leave and a separate criminal investigation was initiated. One June 6, 2016, Morrissey was fired from the department. His was reviewed by the Bell County District Attorney’s Office, which found probably cause for his arrest.

“The Killeen Police Department will not accept this type of conduct from its employees,” KPD Chief Dennis Baldwin said Wednesday. “Moreover, the community expects and deserves better. As for any criminal conduct, Mr. Morrissey will be held accountable in a court of law.”

KPD Public Affairs officer Ofelia Miramontez said no further information will be released until an investigation and civil service appeal are complete.

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