Authorities say a Fort Hood soldier has confessed to gunning down a former Marine in Arlington Monday morning.

22-year-old Ricci Chambless Bradden turned himself in at a Texas Department of Public Safety office in Hillsboro after reportedly confessing to his military superiors.

The shooting took place outside a Walgreen's drug store in Arlington around 11:50 AM. According to police, Bradden drove to the location from Fort Hood to confront his wife, 22-year-old Quinisha Shermon Johnson - a Walgreen's employee.

Bradden and Johnson got into an argument, and Bradden shot Johnson in the ankle.

35-year-old Anthony Antell Jr., a former Marine, witnessed the shooting and went to his vehicle to get his gun. He then confronted and tried to detain Bradden, who was getting into a truck. Bradden reportedly slapped the gun from Antell's hands, then shot him and fled the scene.

Antell's wife was in their vehicle and witnessed her husband's murder. According to NBC 5 News, Antell and his wife have three children.

Antell owned a CrossFit gym in Arlington. Mourners gathered there Monday evening to honor the man's sacrifice.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the shooting and are asking citizens not to try to stop armed suspects.

Bradden faces a murder charge, and his bond was set at $500,000.