Nothing is better than a glass of ice cold tea on a hot summer day.

Photo courtesy of Toni Gee, TSM
Photo courtesy of Toni Gee, TSM

According to McAlisters, June 23 is officially Free Tea Day. I know, I'm shocked too.

Now usually I know that Free Tea Day is coming up and I eagerly await its arrival. This year though has been such a whirlwind that I forgot about this magical day.

As per usual, one of my coworkers and I will put our heads together and try to decide what to eat for lunch. Today I was really craving a baked potato, while my coworker was thinking about salads. Of course, what other place provides amazing spuds and delicious salads other than McAlister's?

We hopped in the car, and much to our surprise found that McAlister's was popping! Written across the windows in chalk were the words "FREE TEA DAY 7/23!" I couldn't believe that we had actually stumbled upon this glorious day.

Unfortunately this location had ran out of spuds, but obviously they have so many other options to choose from on their menu. My coworker and I were in and out quickly, and we scored some free tea.

Today was a good day!

By the way, you can send a free tea to a friend virtually by following these steps:

"On July 23rd, simply order your free tea on our app or website for pick-up or delivery and enjoy! And if you're a McAlister's Rewards member, you will get a free tea reward added your account on Free Tea Day that will be good for 30 days!"

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