At least one person is dead after an SUV collided with a fuel truck in Killeen early Friday morning, causing an explosion.

The collision occurred just before 4:20 AM at a Mickey's convenience store located at 4415 East Veterans Memorial Boulevard. Authorities say the driver of the SUV hit the fuel truck as it was refueling the gas pumps at the store.

The collision caused an explosion, which in turn led to a fire that engulfed both vehicles before spreading to nearby vehicles and the business.

Authorities have not released the identify of the person who reportedly died.

East and westbound Business 190, eastbound 38th St., westbound Roy Reynolds, MLK at Twin Creek, Twin Creek at Rancier, and Zephyer Road at MLK were all closed as firefighters worked to contain the fire.

A Killeen Fire truck was destroyed when gasoline from the tanker flowed under the vehicle and caused it to catch fire. No firefighters were injured. A hazmat crew was called in after it was discovered that gasoline was flowing into a nearby stream that feeds into Nolan Creek.

Residents of South 56th, 58th, Water St, and Twin Creeks Drive were evacuated as a precaution. As of 2 PM, some residents of Twin Creek and 56th were being allowed back to their homes.

Many residents awaiting word on when they'll be allowed to return home have gathered at the Killeen Community Center. If you haven't heard from a loved one in the area, you can call (254) 501-6362.