OK, I just had to point this article out because it gives me a chance to share my TIGER pride! In the video Odell says he grew up with his grandmother in Temple before showing us a view of the country side, "It's nothing but country out here."

Yes, I am an LSU alum.  And while I do recognize the awesomeness Odell Beckham Junior has brought to the Neborhoo w York Giants, which also happens to be one of my favorite teams after my hometown - can I get a 'who dat' - New Orleans Saints, Odell will always be an LSU TIGER just like me!

Just like his daddy, Odell Sr. who was on the same team - LSU baby - when I was first looking at LSU to start my college education. The elder Odell now works at a GMC dealer in New Orleans where I once did a remote as a young DJ. The younger Odell went to Newman High a year after I moved out of the neighborhood in uptown NOLA, right across the street from my old house! Now I find myself in Temple where Margaret Sauls Jones, Odell Jr.'s mama's mama calls home. It's a small world after all. I'd love to eat barbecue with her and just let her talk about her grandson!

Now I know what all you Longhorns and Aggies, Cowboys and Texans are asking yourself why am I telling you this. Simple: root for your home team and support your hometown athletes.  If you love them and show them your support,  they'll be motivated to do well and want to show you gratitude in return.

One more thing: Aggies and Horns, realize that when you play Alabama, I will be your biggest fan ever. Same goes for any NFL team which plays the Falcons.

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