It's one of the oldest moral exercises in the book: You find a bag full of money on the side of the road, all cash, and know that nobody'd be the wiser if you just kept it. What do you do?

I like to think most people would report it and help it get back to the rightful owner.

Two TxDOT workers recently left their stamp in the Book of Good by doing the right thing. They reportedly found $2,000 cash on the side of a highway and turned it in. Turned out the cash belonged to a non-profit group in Dallas.

In a Facebook post, one of the workers was quoted as saying, "I have a [conscience] and I'm not going to take what's not mine."

Someone's mama raised him right.

Kudos to these guys for doing what was right. The 24-hour news cycle has a lot of people believing the world is all doom and gloom, but there are plenty of people just like these two out there.

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