How did he get away with it for so long?

That's the question so many people are asking right now about Gregory Stanley.

The 48-year-old former teacher at Temple High School has worked at many campuses in Texas, and a trail of accusations followed him into trial.

Not only has he received a 10-year prison sentence for sexual abuse of a College Station student, but our news partner KWTX is also reporting that he behaved inappropriately with other students as well.

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When Did This Happen?

The student in College Station originally reported the sexual assault in 2015.

According to KWTX, he testified that the incident in question happened when Stanley asked him to come over to his house to discuss the upcoming school year.

He gave the student alcohol, and began to touch him inappropriately.

After repeatedly telling Stanley to stop, the student was finally able to get away, but felt unwell the next morning.

A friend convinced him to report the incident to police.

Stanley was placed on leave through College Station ISD the next day, and later resigned.

Others Come Forward During Trial

A student from Corsicana High School testified that he had an encounter with Stanley in 2015 as well, when he was hugged and kissed inappropriately by the teacher at a Georgetown theater camp, according to KBTX.

KVUE reports a third victim also testified that Stanley hugged and kissed them inappropriately.

Stanley previously taught theater in several Texas area high schools, including Temple, Klein, and Magnolia.

He will serve the sentence immediately.

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