Recently, I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of pictures on my Facebook news feed of cars with shattered windows and people asking for help to find stolen items.

One of the main items thieves are looking for is guns, and Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble says the problem is getting worse every day.

So far this year, 15 firearms have been reported stolen in Killeen, and 7 were taken from vehicles, according to KXXV.

How Gun Owners Can Prevent Theft

Leaving your gun inside your car is asking for trouble.

According to Chief Kimble,

We have a problem with people who own firearms legally but, they leave them accessible to our criminals. They leave their weapons in their car and then they leave their cars unlocked.

Theft out of a vehicle is the most common way a gun is taken, according to, a legal defense blog site.

They recommend you document your firearm, because Texas does not have a state gun registry. You should note each firearm’s make, model, and serial number, along with a copy of the receipt or bill of sale.

What to Do If Your Gun Is Stolen

If your firearm is stolen, you should report the theft to the police, even though it's not legally required in the state of Texas to do so.

Here's why: if you don’t report it and the gun is ever used in a crime, the police will likely have some serious questions. Reporting the gun stolen shows a clear timeline of when you actually had the gun, and when it was no longer in your possession.

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Preventing Gun Theft

Chief Kimble says our community needs to 'stop feeding the crime', by keeping guns out of vehicles.

Making it harder for criminals to steal a gun prevents them from then using the stolen firearm to commit another crime.

Stay safe and be a responsible gun owner!


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