How would you rate your boss? Does he or she display inspiring leadership and motivate employees by good example?

Personally, I've never worked for a nightmare boss. During my radio career I've disagreed with a few managers, but it's been my good fortune to be able to express my concerns and be taken seriously and treated with respect. I've heard horror stories about godawful bosses from friends who are miserable at their jobs, and I really do feel lucky not to have had to deal with that. (Broadcasting is stressful enough!)

Apparently, the folks at H-E-B feel the same about their CEO, Charles C. Butt. The company's newsroom reports that the head of Texas' favorite grocery store had a 99% approval rating when job recruiting site surveyed employees, and he was ranked #2 on their list of Top CEOs.

Skimming through the reviews, a common theme in the Pros column is the feeling employees of H-E-B have that their work is valued and they can move up in the company ("write their own bill", as one employee put it) if they're willing to put in the work.

Chances are you know someone who works for H-E-B, either in a store or at the distribution center in Temple. I have a friend who drives a forklift for the latter, and he's the only person in my group I've never heard complain about his job.

(Upon further thought, I remembered one time I heard him complain: When he said he had to listen to Christmas music on the PA while working during the holiday season and it was driving him crazy. To be fair, Christmas music drives plenty of people nuts, and you can't blame H-E-B for that.)

Glassdoor's top spot went to Pat Gelsinger of software company VMware. In-And-Out Burger CEO Lynsi Synder was ranked #3.

Just for fun, here's video of a couple of Brits visiting H-E-B. I do some online gaming, and I'm always bragging about the great stuff we have here in Texas to my European friends. I would take them on a tour of H-E-B in a heartbeat, to be honest. We have it good here in the Lone Star State!

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