It never seems to fail. People use candy as a transition to alcohol, which turns the sugar drop off, into a hangover. 

Usually a cup of coffee will help cut the sugar rush during your binging on Halloween. But grown ups have the choice to drop the chocolate in favor of the booze, which can make for a very painful November 1st, albeit maybe a fun Hallow's Eve.

  • 81 Second Cure

    Better than a Rolaids

    BuzzFeed talked to every d-bag on the planet and came up with these cures that take 81 seconds of your life.

    Do your liver a favor and become a "Cutter". The blood loss will do more for you than these lame ass ideas (kidding!).

    The best one being: Strike a Model/duckface pose and put on sunglasses. Really?

  • Bloody Mary

    Doctor's Version

    A doctor will tell you that the "Hair of the Dog", or a Bloody Mary is a bad idea, but they will give you a different version of the Bloody Mary cure.

  • Blowfish

    Alka-Seltzer anyone?

    Even though a doctor will tell you there is no cure for a hangover, it seems that some "Blowfish" or Alka-Seltzer and laying down for a few minutes is a good thing.

  • Science!

    Preventive Maintenance

    Here's the smart people way to cure a hangover. It looks like you've got to go to the party full of fat and carbs.