Harker Heights police are looking for the owner of a "large amount of U.S. currency" that was found in a parking lot.

The Killeen Daily Herald's Jacob Brooks reports that police found a container of cash that also included some unspecified contents. If you can answer some detailed questions about the stash and prove it's yours, they'll happily hand it over. That is, if it's not part of some sort of nefarious activity.

You have 90 days to claim the cash cache before it goes into the City of Harker Heights' general fund. If you think it might be yours, stop by HHPD headquarters at 402 Indian Trail or contact Paul Carey at (254) 953–5486.

If it's not yours, you may be thinking of trying your luck guessing how much cash was in the box.

Before you flirt with lady luck (and possibly get laughed at by a detective who needed a good chuckle after a tough day), keep in mind that we'll be giving you three chances to win anywhere from $500 to $5,000 every weekday from November 8 to November 21, and there are always great prizes up for grabs (including Visa gift cards) on our Contests page.

Your odds are much better there, and we can't put you in lockup.

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