A Harris County man who already owed thousands in unpaid tolls was arrested this week after reportedly being caught with a "plate flipper" installed in his car.

Harris County Constable Mark Herman reported Friday that his department stopped 27-year-old Preston Cody Talbot Thursday, April 11 for failing to pay a toll in the 8000 block of North Sam Houston Parkway West in Houston. During the stop, police say they discovered a device installed in Talbot's car that allowed him to conceal his license plate, and that he was using it in an attempt to avoid paying tolls.

As if that wasn't crazy enough, police also discovered that Talbot was already banned from driving on any toll road because he owes $5,473.07 in unpaid tolls!

Talbot was arrested and charged with possession of a license plate flipper. His bond was set at $100, and records indicate that he was no longer in the Harris County Jail Friday.

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