Prayers are needed for an 18-year-old student athlete in Hawley, just north of Abilene.

WOAI-TV reports that Ethan Davis lost his mother to cancer last fall and had been living with his grandmother, 74-year-old Dolly Joyce Dodgen. Ethan's grandmother was watching him play against Forsan at a high school football game Friday, November 2 when she had a heart attack and collapsed in the stands.

The game was delayed as athletes and fans waited for an ambulance to arrive, and while they waited, players from both teams gathered on the field to pray.

Facebook user Rebecca Medina shared a touching image of the prayer circle to Facebook.

"So last night, under the Friday light lights, we received a vivid reminder of the unpredictability of life," Medina wrote. "In the middle of the football game all activity stopped as a fan from the opposing school collapsed in the stands. A literal silence fell over the entire stadium as paramedics rushed to help. In the midst of the unknown and the worry, our Forsan Buffaloes walked across the field to join the Hawley players and they all prayed together. So many times these kids/young people are criticized for the way they are, but last night they showed us how things are done. I'm so proud of these kids. I love them dearly and certainly look up to them in times like this. Please pray for the family of the lady who passed away. God knows."

Unfortunately, Dodgen passed away at a nearby hospital. If there's one positive thing to be said, it's that Ethan was by her side as dozens of people prayed for him.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Ethan and the Hawley community for their loss. We also thank both the Hawley and Forsan communities for stopping the game and displaying humanity and compassion. At the end of the day, that's what it's all really about.

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