If you've been on Facebook in the past few days, you've probably seen this scam voucher floating around your newsfeed. Don't be fooled.

The fraudulent voucher for $85 claims to be honoring HEB's 100th anniversary. A quick Google search reveals that Texas' favorite grocery store was founded in 1905.

If you click the voucher, it takes you to a survey site that uses HEB branding, but is NOT affiliated with HEB and asks users for personal information the company would absolutely not ask for when giving away coupons.

This looks legit, right? It's not. Please do not give these predators your personal information. - Image: Scam Site Screencap

HEB published a statement to Facebook Friday confirming that the voucher is a scam, and linking customers to their actual Deals site, where you can find real HEB coupons and offers.

If a family member or friend shares the voucher, let them know it's fake and warn them against submitting information to the predatory survey.