Considering how big Texas is, it isn't surprising that we have a lot of weird town names; or that we have a lot of towns with a population around 100 or less. So, we got a map out and started poking around, and wow! We loved finding out about the lovely little places hidden throughout the Texas Panhandle.

Before we get started, we do need to define what an unincorporated community is. This is an area with a population that has a "common social identity," but they don't have a municipal organization or official political designation of town or city. You'll see these pop up on our list more than once.

Here's our list of itsy bitsy teenie weenie tiny Texas towns.

Conway, TX - Population 3

Conway is home of the Bug Ranch. It's like the Cadillac Ranch, but with half-buried VW Beetles. Conway has the distinction of having the first permanent school in the Texas panhandle, and as of 2016 it's population was 3.

Vigo Park, TX - Population 10

Vigo Park is in the Texas panhandle and in 2018 it had a whole whopping 10 people living there. That's down a bit from the 31 that were counted in 2010. This teeny tiny town is southeast of Amarillo.

Heckville, TX - Population 20

Just northeast of Lubbock, you'll find Heckville. When you pass by now you'll mostly see large warehouses, an abandoned country store, and the old cotton gin. One thing you'll notice that is noteworthy is the egg ranch that produces around 180,000 eggs per day.

That's a lot of omelets.

Kerrick, TX - Population 25

Here's one of those unincorporated communities we mentioned. Kerrick is an unincorporated community of Texline right next to the Oklahoma-Texas line. In 1933 they got a post office, and it's still open to this day.

I wouldn't mind having that delivery route.

Lipscomb, TX - Population 37

Lipscomb is another tiny Texas panhandle town that has one thing many other tiny towns don't...a website. Their website has a lot of interesting information, even info on vaccination clinics. Small but mighty, indeed.

There are even more tiny towns near Amarillo. Check out this list...

Teeny Tiny Towns of the Texas Panhandle

Don't blink! You just might miss these TINY towns that are dotted around the Texas Panhandle.

Some of these are unincorporated communities and some of these are just plain ol' small!

Either way, these teensy weensy tiny towns and their populations will make you say "wow" (and maybe even squint and say "that's all!?"). Check them out:

The Somewhat Small Towns of the Texas Panhandle

Say what now? Somewhat small?

That's right. These are the towns that seem massive when compared to teensy weensie two-stoplight towns like Pringle (30) or Kerrick (25), but they're definitely not on the same level as cities like White Deer or Panhandle....much less Amarillo.

Buckle up! We've got a places to go and towns to see! These populations are well over 100, but way less than 1000.

All aboard the Somewhat Small Texas Panhandle Towns tour!

The Charm of Main Street and Downtown Borger, Texas

This once-lawless Wild West boomtown is now a quiet town of 13,000 nestled in the Texas Panhandle. Located 40 miles north of Amarillo and 13 miles from Lake Meredith, the city of Borger is your typical small town. Friendly faces and warm greetings will surround you as you stroll down Borger's Main Street--a trip we highly recommend you take at least once in your life time.

The Hidden Life of Chillicothe, the Littlest "Big Town" on US-287

If you've driven between Amarillo and Dallas at any point of your life, you've gone through Chillicothe. This sleepy town seems nearly abandoned at first glance.....but wait! There's a little glimmer of life in there yet....Take a look at what's stirring within the Iris Village.

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