Back in March, Disney finalized a $71.3 billion deal with FOX, which among other things meant that Marvel Studios would finally bring fan favorites the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU fold.

FOX's X-Men movies have been hit-or-miss (mostly miss), but one thing that made even the clunkers tolerable was Hugh Jackman's performance as Wolverine. (We can debate whether FOX was right to turn the franchise into Wolverine & His Amazing Friends, but I'm not getting into that here.)

Jackman's retired from the role, leaving fans to wonder if Disney/Marvel will make their X-Men films Wolverine-centric too, and who will take up the part.

Enter the Internet.

There's a petition going around to have Danny DeVito take on the role.

"We believe that if Wolverine is to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the only man able to pull it off is Danny Devito," the petition reads.

It's a fun, tongue-in-cheek gag, and probably has something to do with the resentment people (including myself) feel about his not being cast as the lead voice in 'Detective Pikachu'.

That said, there's totally room in the MCU for Danny DeVito, but not as Wolverine.

No. There's a better character who needs to make an appearance. One the man was born to play.

The Trashman.

Fans of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' will remember the episode in which the gang organizes a patriotic wrestling match to welcome home the troops, which (in keeping with the spirit of the show) is actually just a money making scam.

While the guys dress as eagles and dupe a recurring sap into dressing as a villain terrorist, DiVito's Frank Reynolds comes up with a more original character.

Warning: Some Mildly NSFW Language

I want to see a Trashman cameo in an X-Men or Avengers movie.

Don't even make a big deal about it. Just have a bunch of heroes running at each other on a battlefield when you suddenly see the Trashman in the background throwing a trashcan at an enemy, then eating garbage.

Now THAT'S a petition I'd sign.

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