There are a lot of people on Santa's "naughty" list in Killeen this year as thieves have been hard at work this holiday season breaking into homes and vehicles all over the city.

We're talking over 800 home break-ins, and over 1000 vehicle break-ins in 2016. At this time last year police had their work cut out for them dealing with 699 home break-ins, and 828 vehicle break-ins. That's a steady increase of both types of crime since last year.

These figures come from an investigation being conducted by the Killeen Police Department. The Killeen Daily Herald reports the investigation has been watching an area of the city North of Rancier between North WS Young and North 60th street. 25 home break-ins have been reported in this area alone since the beginning of November.

Killeen P.D. recently put out a press release with suggestions for residents to help avoid becoming a victim of a break-in right before Christmas. Your best bet to protect  your residence is a home security system with some type of surveillance camera. They also recommend not having holiday packages dropped off at your address when you know you won't be home. Police also recommend you make a effort never to leave anything of value on the seats or dashboard of your car. Even a $10 bill in your cup holder is enough temptation for someone to try to get in.

The map at the top of the page marks the location of home burglaries responded to by Killeen police since November 1st.