Two friends in Houston have made waves on social media after stealthily hanging a poster of themselves in their local McDonald's, which has been a fixture there since July 13.

KHOU-TV reports that Jehv Maravilla, 21, and Christian Toledo, 25, frequent the Mickey D's at  2803 Business Center Drive often. They noticed posters on the walls of the restaurant featuring various people having a great time, presumably while or right after eating McDonald's food.

What stood out to them was the lack of Asian-Americans.

Maravilla and Toledo are of Filipino descent, and felt there ought to be a poster representing their presence in the community. To remedy the situation, they decided to pull a good-natured prank.

The pair photographed themselves with McDonald's food in a style identical to that in the existing posters. They did some careful editing to match the lighting, colors, and graphics on the posters, then had their image printed at Office Depot.

The idea was to get the poster up and not immediately draw attention to it, so Maravilla  bought an old McDonald's uniform to blend in and managed to get the poster up while posing as a "Regional Interior Coordinator".

The plan was a success. The poster was up for over 50 days (and probably would have gone on hanging unnoticed forever) before Maravilla tweeted about it on Sunday, September 2.

So, have the higher-ups at McDonald's heard about the stunt?


Are they mad?


In a statement issued to KHOU, company representatives said they applaud the pair's creativity and hope to see them at their local McDonald's again soon.

I'm betting they will, since Maravilla seems to eat there a lot.


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