Few things might infuriate a parent more than spotting a creepo 'peeping tom' looking in on your children through the windows of your own home. Earlier this week, a couple in Houston endured this very scenario and the incident quickly escalated into a physical struggle and then shooting on Monday morning.

Houston Couple Chases Down 'Peeping Tom'

KXAN.com reports that a Houston couple spotted a male individual looking through the window of their home at their 10-year-old daughter. While the man looked in the window the parents say the individual was touching himself inappropriately as he looked on.

The parents decided to chase the man and attempt to apprehend him until the police arrived which is not a recommended response, but is an understandable one when someone is looking in on your child. When the 10-year-old saw the man looking in the window she screamed which caused both parents to grab their registered firearms and follow the man down the road.

How the Chase Escalated into a Shooting

The couple caught up to the man and a physical struggle began between the girl's mother and the 'peeping tom'. The prev went for the woman's firearm and was able to force it out of her hands and from all accounts he cocked the gun and was about to fire. That is when the father of the 10-year-old fired his gun and shot the fleeing criminal. That man is in the hospital in critical condition.

The couple told the media that it was never their intention to shoot the man but that the situation escalated so quickly. They offered their prayers for the man and hope that he makes it out of critical condition.

This case will be handed to a grand jury.

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