We all know the saying, "crime doesn't pay." Unfortunately for society, some people don't listen. Fortunately for TikTok, some people don't listen and are then filmed for awkward encounters.

Houston, Texas Business Owner Follows Suspected Thief Onto Bus

With cameras everywhere, many people are caught for their misdeeds. Other times however, it's people who witness the crime and chase down the suspect. But what about filming and capturing the suspect at the same time?

One woman named Sophia Romo took matters into her own hands. Not only that, she shared footage of her experience for all of us to see.

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Let's Start From the Beginning

To see how everything began, let's watch the TikTok in question. Also, fair warning, this TikTok contains NSFW Language:

While out and about, Romo was alerted that someone was stealing from her store. She quickly gave chase, sat right next the woman suspected of doing it, and proceeding to loudly announce the woman's alleged thievery.

When interviewed by KIII, Romo said she didn't say anything to the woman until she started the video recording. The woman, who remains unidentified, is seen trying to push Romo away and at times cover her face.

Eventually, Houston police officers caught up to the woman and arrested her for misdemeanor theft. She was also undergoing a mental evaluation.

The Moral of the Story?

It shouldn't need to be said, but stealing from any place of business is not a good idea. But also massive kudos to Sophia, who didn't let the accused thief get away easily.

So what's the biggest takeaway from this?

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