Today's rain was a nice surprise for many of us, but a real headache for drivers headed both directions along I-35.

Authorities in Bruceville-Eddy were forced to close both north and southbound lanes of the interstate after Monday's showers caused flash flooding. The center of the closures appeared to be mile marker 315.

Traffic was being diverted to the frontage roads, and the delay was causing traffic backups for miles.

At 5:02, TxDOT sent an alert indicating that a collision had also occurred in Bruceville-Eddy at Mile Mark 315, adding to the headache.

If you're headed north or south, alternate routes such as US 317 west of the interstate are recommended. Be on the lookout for water covering the roadway, and never drive through flooded areas. Just because you think your car or truck will make it doesn't mean it can't be washed away. TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN.

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