Important safety tip: Never give anyone your iCloud log-in information.

One might think this goes without saying until some crafty scammers get on the phone and say just the right thing to get you to cough up your information. This is an issue right now in areas of Central Texas.

It's an old scam but a good one. Zachary Morgan of Sour Apple Repair told our news partners at News 10, "We're hearing from people who have received this call, and the best thing you should do is hang up. Never ever give out your log-in ID or password to these people."

The scammers call using a local number and they just go right down a work list. If you happen to pick up they tell you they are calling from Apple's cloud service to tell you your account appears to have been hacked. If you can verify the login information they claim to be able to protect you. It's easy to get caught off guard and give up the info. Do not do this. Simply hang up.

If you happen to receive one of these calls the best thing you can do is report it to the Better Business Bureau so they can track the scam. Check out this link for reporting such instances. When you use the link you'll see a nation-wide map of places that have reported scams of all shapes and sizes. It's kinda scary how much effort is being put into stealing from people and how wide-spread it is all over the country.


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