Effective Monday, September 12,  Inside Wildcat Football, the Temple HIgh School coaches show, will return to its regular night and time, Monday night at 7:00 PM  on Newsradio 1400 KTEM-AM, sister station to K1017. The show streams live on ktemnews.com.

As usual, the program will originate from Wings, Pizza and Things, 2112 SW HK Dodgen Loop in Temple.

The program aired at a special time last week due to the national Labor Day holiday on Monday.  Coach Scott Stewart was unavailable for the Wednesday broadcast, but he will return to the show Monday night along with co-host Allen Roark.

Immediately following the broadcast, the Quarterback Club of Temple High School will have its weekly skull session with Coach Stewart inside the restaurant.  On their minds will most likely be the teams upset loss against midway high school this past Friday night.